Outdoor climbing and sport climbing in Pitztal

lots of vertical options

Apart from offering alpine sport climbing passages on the surrounding peaks, Pitztal also features several climbing routes, fixed rope courses and bouldering challenges. The holiday region Pitztal is one of the founding members of Climbers Paradise, a network of 15 regional climbing parks. Pitztal in Tyrol is ideally suited for beginners or athletes that wish to progress from climbing in an indoor centre to practising their sport outdoors. Pitztal’s mountains are perfect for sport climbing and apart from being a very good location to start this sport it also offers the unforgettable panorama of the Tyrolean Alps. The majority of routes and outdoor climbing parks feature lower levels of difficulty and can be easily accessed. Furthermore, boulder climbing has increased in popularity since the opening of the bouldering park “Mandler’s Boden” in 2016.

Boulderering in Pitztal

This bouldering area offers over 100 bouldering challenges and the forest park is particularly tempting for families.

Sport climbing in Pitztal

Pitztal offers several climbing routes suitable for families and sport climbing beginners. Experienced climbers will, of course, also find their personal challenge at the roof of Tyrol.

Climbers Paradise

Pitztal is an active member of Climbers Paradise.

The aim of this association is to introduce and monitor quality standards in climbing parks.

In the course of this cooperation Pitztal fulfills the criteria for three family climbing parks.